Monday, May 2, 2016

Americorp Crew Learns about Biochar at Elkton

From Greg Flick:
Here are some photos of the Biochar workshop that we had April 28 at the ECEC, Elkton Community Education Center.  From the top:  OJ talking about his brick chimney retort kiln; brick chimney retort kiln without the chimney; flame cap kiln; and Scott McCain with a Weber kiln.  The audience was mainly Americorp volunteers working at the ECEC.  There were also about as many interested folks from the community that had heard about the workshop at the Glide Wildflower Show and the Roseburg News Review.  In total there were about 20 participants. ECEC has a big feedstock pile and is looking for an open burn or a demonstration of the Oregon Kiln in the future. Great workshop with a lot of interest generated and a lot of knowledge shared.  Posters of the May 28th compost workshop were available to the participants.

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