Monday, April 2, 2018

Final Deliverables for On-Farm Biochar for Composting with Manure

During the course of this three year project, we manufactured more than 30 kilns and made about 75 cubic yards of biochar that got used in cattle barns, goat barns, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, horse stables, alpaca barns, worm bins and outhouses. We did many pot trials and several field trials with the resulting biochar composts. Read all about it in the final technical report and the practice guidelines we wrote with You in mind!

Deliverables from the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant: On-Farm Production and Use of Biochar for Composting with Manure:

Final Technical Report

Appendix: Field and Farm Reports
Appendix: Practice Guidelines (all guidelines in one document)
Practice Guideline: Using a Flame Cap Kiln
Practice Guideline: Kiln Construction Drawings (Oregon Kiln and Ring of Fire Kiln)
Practice Guideline: How to Use Biochar in Barns
Practice Guideline: How to Use Biochar in Compost
Practice Guideline: Plant Bioassays to Evaluate Biochar Compost
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