Thursday, April 28, 2016

Making Biochar with an Air Burner in Ashland Watershed

We have talked and speculated a lot about whether air curtain incinerators can make biochar. Today I saw it in action on a Forest Service field trip in the Ashland Watershed. Air Burners are disposing of large landing piles of green slash mixed with plenty of dirt. Turns out the moisture and dirt prevent the powerful blower from getting to air to every part of the burner, creating perfect conditions for making biochar!

See pictures here:

Here are some pictures of one site that is finished. The biochar has been mixed into the soil and trees planted. It looks really nice.

Biochar Workshop at Frog Farm

On April 23 we held a biochar compost workshop at Frog Farm in Cave Junction. About 25 people attended and heard a lecture by Kelpie, toured the Frog Farm barns and compost piles and enjoyed a farm fresh lunch. After lunch we headed to Kelpie's biochar workshop down the street and saw various biochar compost experiments and biochar used in vermiculture.

Kelpie's presentation in the Frog Farm Gazebo

Tour of the Frog Farm goat barn

Frog Farm compost pile and screen setup

Worms love biochar!

Monday, April 18, 2016

UBET at Earth Day

We had a good day with a surprising interest in biochar from many gardeners. They all got brochures to get those wheels turning.

- Scott

Monday, April 11, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Making Biochar in your backyard, small farm, forest, or vineyard

The Umpqua Biochar Educational Team (UBET) will demonstrate making Biochar using various types of kilns at the Elkton Community Education Center (ECEC) Thursday April 28 from 9am-2pm at 15850 Hwy 38, Elkton.

Turn your burn pile into a very valuable soil amendment by making Biochar.   The UBET members will demonstrate the proper method of creating Biochar with your backyard tree prunings, vineyard prunings, scotch broom, hawthorne, and other "trash" items.  What is so amazing about Biochar?  It nourishes soils, protects water quality, provides market value to biomass waste, creates energy, reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions and sequesters CO2 for thousands of years.  Don't let your burn pile burn to ash,  but turn it into cash.

For more information conact the ECEC:  541 584 2692

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Bug Whisperer

Mark Sturges came and spoke at the Biochar Expo a couple of years ago about his amazing compost tea. Just found this article and want to remember it so I am posting it here for all of us. It's worth reading again. Check it out here: