Sunday, June 5, 2016

Compost Workshop at Tierra Buena Worm Farm

What a great day! We had about 30 people attending the workshop at John Livingston's wonderful worm farm and biochar workshop. Kelpie Wilson gave a presentation in the morning, followed by hands on instruction in making bokashi. Everyone got a bag of bokashi to take home. Lots of good discussion and sharing of information, topped off by the fabulous Potluck Compost Pile we constructed in a wire bin about 5’ in diameter. Below is a list of the materials that were added, in layers (thanks to Viviane for taking notes and recording all this):
  • bottom layer: greens
  • water
  • biochar in chunky form
  • straw
  • dirt for minerals (rock dust could also be used)
  • biochar (one bucket)
  • water
  • green grass from fresh cuttings
  • water
  • hay
  • more manure
  • wood chips or shavings (water only the edges because the middle will take care of itself)
  • coffee grounds
  • greens
  • kitchen scraps
  • one more bucket of biochar (20 gallons so far)
  • rabbit manure
  • hay, dry grass
  • chicken manure
  • dirt
  • green (grass clippings) -- just one inch of it or it will clump
  • manure
  • dirt
  • coffee grounds
  • grass -- for more carbon 
  • rabbit manure
  • 4' of dry grass
  • manure +grass
  • one bag of commercial biochar
  • oak leaves (but it was mentioned that they do not break down rapidly unless shredded)
  • dirt
  • hay....
Tierra Buena Worm Farm

Kelpie talks about bokashi and other things to add to biochar

We had a BIG crowd!

Carl and Coralee came all the way from the coast.

M A and Gani get hands on with the bokashi 
Potluck compost - Yum!

Many hands make light work