Biochar Extension Resources

Here is a library of websites and documents that can help you investigate and use biochar in compost, manure management and soil

Biochar - General

Compost - General 

Compost with Biochar

Terra Char Biochar Compost Paper


EM-1 Bokashi How to Use Manual
Nature Farming Manual - Phillipines
Nature Farming Manual - Thailand
Hawaii Natural Farming
EM New Zealand
Book -  Bokashi Composting: Scraps to Soil in Weeks, by Adam Footer, New Society Publishers


A review on potential of vermicomposting derived liquids in agricultural use
List of Vermiculture Papers

Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar Manual from Japan

Biochar and Lactic Acid Fermentations in Animal Care

Making Waste Our Greatest Resource
The Use of Biochar in Cattle Farming

Biochar Production Systems  

Here are links to various resources that we can look at for ideas about how to design kilns and systems for transporting and processing feedstocks and biochar. 
Moxham Kiln report
Kon Tiki Kiln
Air Burners, LLC

Trailers and systems for hauling, loading and unloading equipment, feedstocks and biochar 

Dump Trailer, Dumpamatic
Vestil Jib Crane - 1000 lb capacity
Vestil Jib Crane - 2000 lb capacity
Stihl SH 86 C shredder vac

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  1. I make my biochar in 5 gallon steel buckets by placing about 20 pounds of chipped Douglas-fir limbs in, then covering with a steel lid. Place the whole thing in my outdoor Taylor wood furnace. Two days later I have 2-3 pounds of biochar.