Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Report on Soil Health and Drought Resistance Keyline Design Workshop

From UBET Member David Maesulec:

I attended the “Soil Health and Drought Resistance Keyline Design” Workshop presented by Owen Hablutzel in Hesperus, CO from April 2-4, 2016. Over the course, Mr. Hablutzel covered a wide range of topics ranging from keyline design integration to permaculture to holistic management.
In addition to keyline design, we also covered permaculture and resilience science. These teach us that we must remain adaptable or transformable because there can always be change and uncertainty. In order to be resilient, we have to develop the capacity to react to disturbances to create a positive outcome.
Here, we must ask ourselves what the nature of our environment is. What will nature permit here? Most importantly, we must ask what nature will help us do. Too often, nature is pushed then broken. We see the effects of this in modern industrialized farming. Nature works best with human intervention, provided that we respect its boundaries.

Click here to read David's full report on the workshop. 

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