Friday, November 4, 2016

UBET Biochar Kilns - Data Collection

A number of UBET members now have the new biochar kilns made by UCC. These kilns were made for the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant. As part of the work we are doing for this grant, we are investigating the economic costs of making biochar using these kilns. This includes recording the labor we put into the process and the biochar yield. At the end of the day, the returns from using biochar must justify the cost of producing it.

If you have a UBET kiln, or a kiln you have made yourself, please download and print out this Biochar Burn Data Sheet:

Please use one sheet for each session. Completed sheets can be mailed to:
Kelpie Wilson
PO Box 1444
Cave Junction, OR 97523

Or you can scan it and email it to me:


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