Monday, September 19, 2016


Please join UBET - Umpqua Biochar Education Team - at our annual Biochar Expo on October 15 from 10 am to 3 pm on the Umpqua Community College Campus. The Biochar Expo is a fun-filled day of learning and hands-on experience in making and using biochar for soil improvement.

Biochar is simply charcoal, that when properly made and combined with compost, manure and other nutrients, produces a superior amendment for building soil structure, retaining soil water, and supporting the soil food web of life.

UBET has held the annual expo every year since 2011 at the Discovery Garden at Forks State Park, but this year, UBET wanted to feature the work of the Umpqua Community College Welding Department on the UCC campus.

UCC has fabricated a number of biochar kilns for use in UBET's Biochar Farms and Compost project. UBET envisions a new industry in our region fabricating biochar kilns for farmers and gardeners at all scales. Abundant waste wood with no other use can be transformed into biochar with very little smoke pollution using these "flame cap kilns" designed by UBET volunteers.

The Expo will start with a morning of presentations and short films on biochar science. After a lunch break, UBET volunteers will show you how to make biochar in several kinds of simple devices. We will also demonstrate different ways of processing biochar to prepare it for application to soil.

Please note that the UCC Harvest Festival will be taking place at the same time on campus, and we encourage you explore those activities as well:

Biochar Expo Schedule
10 am to 12 noon - Classroom presentations and short films on the science of biochar and soils
12 to 12:30 - Lunch Break - bring your own or check out the food vendors at the concurrent Harvest Festival
12:30 to 3 pm - Outdoor demonstrations of biochar technologies

For more information, check the UBET website:

Making biochar at the 2015 Biochar Expo


  1. Are the plans for this kiln open source or proprietary? Is anyone out there planning to market them? (Looks promising, especially compared to a future of patented and expensive other processes in the making...)

  2. Hi Tim, these kilns are open source. We do not have any drawings, but you can look at the pictures and figure out your own way to do it pretty easily. Come to our Expo and see them in person!