Saturday, March 19, 2016

Biochar Burn at Daisy Hill Farm

Daisy Hill Farm owner Meadow Martell was happy that we made a big dent in a multi-year accumulation of old grape vines, blackberries and other woody waste. Meadow covered the piles back in the fall with used truck tarps from Sharp's Tarps in Grants Pass (a great resource, people!). As a result, the wood was stayed dry - mostly between 15% and 25% moisture and was suitable for biochar production. A small crew of neighbors showed up to help and share in the biochar bounty. Meadow will use the biochar in compost and in the chicken yard.

It was a misty morning down by the Illinois River in Cave Junction
We load the kilns heaping full with loose packed grapevines and light the top 
Once the initial charge burns down to a heap of glowing coals, we add more, in layers

We lit these at 9:30 in the morning. By 1:00 pm we have added the last layer 
At 2 pm the last layer has burned down and we are ready to quench

Meadow hoses down the char
Total harvest is more than 2 cubic yards of biochar

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