Thursday, February 11, 2016

Barbara Long found this poem that Jim had kept. She would like to share it with you:

Taken from Dr. Ian Lowe’s’s address to the 1st Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference, on the Gold Coast, Australia, May, 2009

Here’s a summary of my talk
In case you slept or took a walk
We know your civilization’s through
If we don’t cut back on CO2.

It won’t matter how we toil
If we don’t put carbon in our soil
And so the future’s shining star
Yes, you’ve guessed it, Biochar!

I’ll just remind you, climate changes
Threaten clear and present dangers
We know we have no future here
 Unless we fix the atmosphere.

Clean energy will have a role
But fixing carbon is our goal
No matter who or where you are
Let’s raise a glass to Biochar!

Submitted to IBI by Thayer Tomlinson, 07-15-09

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