Friday, November 20, 2015

Scot McKain's Wigwam kiln

Scott based this design on the wigwam burners used at timber mills for disposal of wood waste. Here is his report on lessons learned from his first demo:
  • The walls were 450-500 C. The steel was loosing structural strength towards the end. I will try to stiffen with rebar next time. 
  • The sloped walls were effective in reflecting radiation downward.
  • Not much air reaching the bottom so char was preserved. The sand seal on the bottom edge lost effectiveness as it dried. Will try bentonite. 
  • The side vents worked well. Tangental vents would be an improvement. I closed them when the char reached that level. 
  • I will try a top lit, batch burn next time. 
  • A floor is necessary to char from radiant heat. 
  • The char is good quality with little ash. Conversion efficiency seems quite good. 
  • I am going to build a small stainless model to test different style side vents. We can use it for demos later.
Scott McKain's Wigwam Kiln
Sealed bottom of the Wigwam Kiln
Sides of the Wigwam Kiln

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