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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Report from the Field

Don Morrison reports: "The 55 gal reservoir is just the right volume for quenching the coals from the 5' kiln by raking and spraying. I also liked the ease of tipping the kiln and dumping by one person with cable attached to handle and 4-wheeler. Next I tried the dry snuff method using the lid sealed with dirt. I use a little bit of water to knock the flames down and then put the lid on. Came back the next day and there were still a few hot spots that need some water to put out. But the char was basically pretty dry. Dry char is lighter and easier to unload than wet, sticky char."

This is how we burn slash in the Oregon Kiln
55 gallon water tank was enough to fully quench this 200 gallon kiln if you dump, rake and spray
An alternative to water quench is the dry snuff. Add a little water to cool initally and then place the lid. Seal the lid with dirt and wait overnight. 

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