Sunday, June 18, 2017

Drew Veg Project - Volunteers Needed

Drew Veg Biochar is the name of a fuel reduction project on the Umpqua National Forest, near the town of Drew, Oregon. The US Forest Service conducts many such projects on National Forests every year for the purpose of reducing fire hazard by removing dense stands of younger trees, mostly in plantations and areas that were previously logged. Some of the wood may be big enough to sell to sawmills, but much of it must be piled and burned onsite. This burning produces large amounts of smoke, and the numerous piles burn holes in the forest duff, sterilizing the soil. The Drew Veg Biochar project is different. Instead of burning the slash to ash, we will make biochar with it.

We need commitments from at least ten workers who can work several full days making biochar in our kilns. The work will take place sometime in October 2017.

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